We welcome our dear visitors

Written by  2017.03.28.

ughy attila welcomeughy attila welcome

Pestszentlőrinc – Pestszentimre

Lőrinc and Imre are brothers – here we all belong to the same brotherhood.

Here we are one family whose members live and work individually. As “family” we face the same problems and the same happiness every single day.

Away from the city center, but close to each other.

We live in a different way than most of the city dwellers.

For us a green environment is not just for hiking, quiet is not just to read the tabloids while watching television without being disturbed, for us our neighbours are not unavoidable obstacles.

We believe in patriotism, attentiveness and caring.

We believe that small actions are more important than big words.

We believe that we can achieve the most by making the smallest things right around us.

We believe in an honest, open, modern but traditional city administration that is always seeking after the new and better.

Like the city administration like the city – we dream about a district based on this principle.

Pride and responsibility

We can create together a preserved green area, a public order that really guarantees safety, cultural life full of value, community life laced with outdoor events, a district that we can be proud of, a district that is proud of those who are in charge and who inherited this responsibility.

We welcome you!

The greatest gift we can hand over is the love for our homeland.

We came from here, we are here and we also intend to live here in the future.

We believe in the inheritance which was accumulated by our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

That this small, intimate, familiar but often disgraced settlement could retain its pride was down to those who fought for it with their loyalty and commitment to live an independent life with confidence in the future. A life that is based on the values of a real community: fraternity, neighborhood, the common values, the common way of thinking, the common will, the common success and common failure.

We belive that there is no bigger achievement than the feeling when it’s time to review one’s life that one can realize that beside the family the community where one belonged to was given much as well.

True greatness is hidden there and we can get strength and persistence from it.

Showing gratitude for everything we got and adding everything to it that we know.

This is the real patriotism and true innovation.”

…….Because we should never forget: future is the oldest invention of the Earth.

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