Sights of the district (15)

Artwork of Miklós Borsos, 1963

In its previous life „the New Fairygarden” was a mansion with spacious bedrooms, large indoor spaces and a huge park around. The building having classicistic features was probably built in the 1890s. In the beginning of the 20 th century it belonged to Albert Hoffherr, king’s counsel and world-famous industrialist in Kispest.

The statue of Reading Girl got a place in the park of the Lakatos housing estate in Pestszentlőrinc. The limestone statue the size of life represents a female figure sitting on a pedestal made from the same rock.

The bust of Loránd Eötvös can be found in Eötvös park at the junction of Vadkert street and Hársfa street in Pestszentlőrinc. It was inaugurated on 27 july 1970 in commemoration of his 120th anniversary.

The artwork of Mamikon Yengibarian was inaugurated on 12 october 2003 in the Park of Ethnicity of Mihály Szervét square.

Árpád Bókay Primary School, the oldest educational institution in Pestszentlőrinc, celebrated its centenary in the end of may 2003.

Next to the entrance of the Etalonsport Primary and Sport School (8 Tövishát street) in Pestszentlőrinc a marble plaque commemorates Sándor Iharos, athlete, who lived in the district.

While preparing for his exams and working on his masterpiece in 1891 János Fadrusz was looking for a topic to express his deep emotions.

The statue is situated in Lakatos residential estate of Pestszentlőrinc. The management of the district made it a priority at the construction of the estate to decorate the public places with statues of high standards.

In the backyard of the Virgin Mary’s Heart Church in Pestszentlőrinc imperceptibly stands the statue of St. Imre.

The railway station of Pestszentlőrinc can be found in Jegenye alley.

The national flag stands on Heroes’ square in the center of Pestszentimre.

The building, which today belongs to the Dohnányi School of Music, opened on 4 june 1911 as a club under the name of „Fairy garden”.