The building of the Dohnányi School of Music

Written by  2017.03.29.

The building, which today belongs to the Dohnányi School of Music, opened on 4 june 1911 as a club under the name of „Fairy garden”.

According to the Papers of Kispest-Szentlőrinc the house was in the possession of József Bogyai landowner and on the opening ceremony with fireworks, firecrackers and tombola, a hundred dinner guests were invited. However, the owner had another idea: to convert the club into a 26-bedroom, multi-storey hotel and steam-bath. In that same year Klein inn-keeper took over the building and the park belonging to it. He converted 3 bedrooms into a big saloon where parties, performances, shows and hustings were held and during the winter season it functioned as a restaurant. In 1936 it was bought by the state and the local high school moved into the building. However, it was too small for a school, so it was given to the children’s home which was in operation until the beginning of the war. After 1945 it became the headquarter of the Social Democrats used as a club for the youth movement. Then in 1983 the local school of music moved into the building. In 1989 in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment an Ernő Dohnányi plaque was placed on the wall of the school.

Ernő Dohnányi School of Music

XVIII. 7-9 Gyöngyvirág street

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