The statue of St. Imre in Pestszentlőrinc

Written by  2017.03.29.

In the backyard of the Virgin Mary’s Heart Church in Pestszentlőrinc imperceptibly stands the statue of St. Imre.

The artwork of Lajos Visnyovszky was erected ont he 900th anniversary of St. Imre’s death. The 2,5 m high brass statue of the patron saint of the youth stands on a 3,5m high limestone pedestale. At the consecration of the church the square was completely uncared for in 1925. Gaping holes from the old gravel-pit half-filled with debris and waste were left behind in the area. The first article demanding the settlement of the Church square appeared in the „Surrounding of Budapest” paper, and in 1926 József Déry, representative, submitted a proposal concerning the case to the national assembly of the civil parish. The prefecture did not welcome the proposal and gave back to the engineer to work out further motions. The rejection was justified with the extreme expense the work would cost to the civil parish.

After two years of constant urgeing the Church square was finally landscaped in 1928. Gyula Dániel head gardener was entrusted with taking care of the plans in which 3 artworks got a place: the statues of St. Lőrinc, Maria Immaculata and St. Imre. The statue that can be seen here was the first to be prepared.

Sources: Vilmos Kubinyi: The history of the Roman Catholic Congregation in Pestszentlőrinc until 1935