Árpád Bókay Primary School

Written by  2017.03.29.

Árpád Bókay Primary School, the oldest educational institution in Pestszentlőrinc, celebrated its centenary in the end of may 2003.

A memorial tablet was erected in the entrance hall of the school by the local municipality 8 years ago when the school was renamed as Árpád Bókay. The scientist, doctor and university teacher was very close ties to his residence; his personality and actions can make him a role model for the youth. His pharmaceutical research made him full member of the Hungarian Academy of Science at the age of 40 in 1896. Dr. Árpád Bókay. granted an estate for the establishment of the first school in Pestszentlőrinc. On the memorial tablet which is the artwork of László Fark graphic artist, not only his portrait appears but also the details characteristic to the area such as the „székely gate” standing open for everyone. The artist had two goals to achieve with the reconstruction of the ceramic surface of the memorial tablet and the colorful and differently shabby letters of the inscription: to portray the diversity of the contemporary residents and to draw attention to the memorial tablet so that children can also read it.