The New Fairygarden

Written by  2017.03.29.

In its previous life „the New Fairygarden” was a mansion with spacious bedrooms, large indoor spaces and a huge park around. The building having classicistic features was probably built in the 1890s. In the beginning of the 20 th century it belonged to Albert Hoffherr, king’s counsel and world-famous industrialist in Kispest.

The rumour started in the years of the second world war that the mansion was in the hands of Katalin Karády, the famous actress of her era and people keep believing that this romantic fairy tale story is still true nowadays as well.

After 1945 the property got into possession of the National Army and functioned as a draft-agency.

After the change of regime it went to the ownership of the local municipality and the fine and applied arts workshop of Artists Association was run here.

Due to the lack of financial resources the building was deteriorating at a large scale and finally it was in urgent need of being renovated. As it is considered a listed building and under protection, these factors had to be taken into consideration during the restoration process. The reconstruction and renovation was completed according to Ferenc Kollmann’s plans.

By removing room walls a 160 m2 saloon and two 25 m2 parlours were built. The parlours can be opened into each other and have separate entrance doors enabling guests in the summer season to visit the place irrespective of the organizations held in the saloon. The establishment of the indoor area invokes the bourgeois atmosphere of high standards without being ostentatious.